Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I am excited about this coming new year.
Yes, there are definitely some endings to deal with... and some doors I need to close...
but all in all... I am trying to stay positive.

I know so very many folks who don't handle/enjoy the holidays... and I understand it.
Hopefully, things will continue to improve for us all as the days roll by.
In the meantime, hang in there... and know that you are not alone.

A week or so ago, I was in a conversation with a lady who was dealing with serious illness;
and she mentioned that she longed for some real pearl jewelry... as it held great meaning for her.
So off I went... into the studio... and came up with this:

The pendant is fashioned from 12 gauge (thick) sterling silver half round wire; and is embellished with 20 gauge sterling wire wrapped freshwater pearls from Hawaii. The earrings are that same 20 gauge wire, with melted ball ends and more of those luscious pearls.
According to most sites; pearls symbolize freedom, purity and innocence... and some believe the pearl was formed from tears from the heavens... or even from the moon. In any case, they are certainly pretty. She received them in the mail the other day... and sent me a note and a gift of thanks in return... which is VERY nice.
I have always felt that sometimes it's just good to be nice, and know that it's appreciated... and am thrilled that she liked the set.

And... I am ecstatic to be able to work in the studio again.
Won't you join me this coming year? I hope to post once a week on things I am making,
and would love to have you follow along.