Saturday, December 6, 2014

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
And according to my chiropractor; I am required to do absolutely NOTHING... except maybe take some motrin... and apply ice packs every so often to my lower back.
My family and friends have informed me that they will soundly beat me about my face and neck should I even think of doing anything... so ... I am posting a quick note here; and getting off the computer for a bit.

But first; some links for you that I have gathered this past week:

* a cool NEW blog from a friend of mine
* a really tiny house... and some great inspiration to downsize
* Ice formations!!! (yes, it's cold outside)... and some really awesome snowflakes!.. and patterns in snow!
* 30 amusing Dutch words
* ideas for your next Christmas party
* some interesting suggestions for your next Netflix rental
* and well, just because it's Sean
* ah. If I could go to Italy....
* and THIS is in New Mexico!
* and you can't go wrong with cute puppy pictures.
* or photos of pretty churches at Christmastime
* or random art
* or these cool photos.

Hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend.... and I'll see you back here on Monday.