Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Inception .... coming from the Latin word incipere... meaning "to begin, to take in hand."

I was looking up alternative words for beginnings... as lately I've felt a pulling to begin anew.
To start fresh.... to have a clean slate... to take a leap of faith.
I think it is human nature to occasionally want a "cosmic do-over"...

Many of you know that I took counseling for many years for post traumatic stress.
Therapy is an interesting thing. Expensive, soul-wrenching, exposing the deepest hurts and feelings-
that given any other circumstance; you would most likely not share with anyone... or at least very few.... it's hard.
And it's hard to trust. It's harder still to have faith that it will be OK.

Being human is a fallible, messy business.
None of us are perfect.
Something, I at least, tend to forget.
It's easy to do the comparison game... and I think it's almost built in to us... that constant comparing and coming up short.
or, as I read once, it's time to start giving ourselves some non-judgmental messages.
Accept ourselves as we are.... warts and all. No, we are not perfect.
Stop thinking you need "fixed"... that you are somehow lacking.
Give yourself some self-love.
Work on what you can.
Move on.
It's ok to start again...