Thursday, January 22, 2015


Life has many twists and turns... forks in the road.... bridges to cross.
I was reminded of this the other day.
We had taken a day-trip; and had ventured part of the drive on a notable road called Wykoff Run.
It's twisty, it's curvy... it's not often "maintained"... but it is also a great scenic road through some really gorgeous forest land.

Funny how that is.
What can be; on one hand... "harrowing"... can also be exceedingly beautiful and worthwhile.
And so it is with life.
Sometimes the "worst of times"... can actually be "the best of times"... in the whole scheme of things.

Just some thoughts to ponder on this Thursday morning... as the snow is gently falling.

we are here
to laugh
at the odds
and live our lives

so well that

will tremble
to take us

---by Charles Bukowski, in an interview with Life Magazine, December 1988.