Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As you all probably know... the northeast has been hit with a massive snowstorm....
and news all around has been really bad for some areas.

What it means for me, here ... is different though.
When I was born; I was a preemie... and along with that; came some problems...
one of which is a half formed set of frontal sinuses.
So... when there are storms like this... it can be really ugly for me; and it is.
Pressure goes in... and essentially, has no place to go.. and just builds and builds...
which means, severe headaches, eye problems, allergy type symptoms like sneezing and phlegm
 and bloodshot eyes, styes, and really bad facial swelling.

Point is.... I've been pretty much "out of commission" for the past couple days...
and I expect... a couple more before all is said and done.
Unfortunately, it also means (because my vision is really messed up)...
I can't do as much as I want.... nor as well as I would like.
But it sure is pretty out there.

The photo above; shows some of a massive collection of vintage jewelry that I have collected over the years. Some of it I've never even looked at; as I bought "lots" of things.. and it ended up being boxed up for the past year or so. I hope to get it all out... clean it all up... fix what is needed to be fixed... and start listing pieces of it for sale. Of course, broken bits will be great fodder for new pieces

See you all tomorrow!