Thursday, January 29, 2015


Well, the snow is really coming down... at least, here on the hill.... it is ' a snowin' and a blowin'...
Right now, it's hovering around 18 degrees... but I fully expect it to drop.
But... inside, it's warm and we've coffee on ... and this is playing.... so all is good.

In years past; I've always done my "inventory" days in mid March.
It just always worked out better to do it then... but this year... (and now that I have an awesome new Moleskine ledger book)
... I've decided to tackle it early.

It's a funny thing in a way; you never know how much stuff you have.... 'til you start tallying it all up.
(who'd have thought that I had 52 scarves in my inventory?!)
And.... like this week.... I've discovered items that I had finished; but never listed.
So it's been fun.
I've gone through all the scarves, all the guitar picks, the upcycled ties and cufflinks...
and today... I am going through my inventory of envelopes, cards, and sets.
There is a lot more to do... but I am getting there.

I've also started a new section in my Etsy shop; called.... CREATE.
All the titles of my sections are verbs... which I feel is important as it implies an action... moving on... moving forward ...
which just feels right. The "create" section...  will showcase supplies, materials, bits and bobs for you to make your own cool items...
so stay tuned!