Friday, January 30, 2015


And it's still snowing; albeit just a few light flurries here and there today.

One of the good things about running your own business... is that you can set your own hours and no one is going to holler at you. 'Course, the bad part is.... if things don't get done; it's no one's fault but your own.
Yesterday, I was so focused on finishing up the inventory; that I stayed on task until it was done... which was about 9:30pm....
which is when I had my dinner.
But, it's done.
All 265 items! ... and they are organized; and all the records match (from the physical inventory, to the stuff in the Etsy shop,
 to my big ledger book))... and it is good.

The nice part is; along the way I discovered a stash of inventory that I had made... and just never listed.
So... this coming week; I will be photographing and listing these "new" items.

The other thing I hope to concentrate on this year; is reselling.
I have a large amount of supplies to list (paper, ephemera, beads, findings),
vintage items (like books, linens, collectibles)
... and tons of contemporary jewelry pieces (Avon, Sara Conventry, Whiting Davis) to sell.

Time to get things moving along!
Wanna tag along?