Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated.
You work. You work hard.
Life is not always fair.
I get it.
... so what can you do?

*keep your spirits high
*keep track of your progress
*reward  yourself when you reach a goal
*give yourself a break... don't be too hard on yourself
*read/ watch things that are  motivating to you
*eliminate distractions
*organize the task/ goal into little sections to make it easier
*try to make it fun
*find a good role model
*know that sometimes... it takes longer than you would like... but if it's worth pursuing; it's worth the wait.

I know. It's hard. Really hard.
Some days are worse than others...

So here are some links I found that may be of help:
-from Huffington Post
-from Forbes
-from the folks at LifeHack
-from BeautifulMess... part one... and part two

...and a "hint" that I learned over the years... surround yourself with people who really support you.
Who understand you.
Who are your "in house" cheerleaders.
You don't need negativity... you can do that all on  your own... in your own head.
Keep people around you who have your back.
It can mean all the difference in the world.