Friday, January 9, 2015


Sometimes, through no fault of your own.... you get caught up in a hailstorm of troubles.
You work hard, are honest in all you do, and do things to the best of your abilities...
and sometimes you still end up looking around and finding yourself standing on a bridge that's on fire.
It happens.
Life is not always fair.

These past few days I've had visits from the crows.
I think most people view crows as nuisance animals; but according to native theology... they are so much more. Crows are found in most all parts of the world, and have long been thought to be physical representations of magic on this earthly plane. They are thought to help provide you with great insight and perspective... as their nests traditionally are made in very tall trees... giving them a "grand over-view" of what is going on. There is much wisdom to be gained from watching crows.

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