Saturday, January 24, 2015

for the weekend

The photo for today's post, is one I took a couple days ago when we took a road-trip out of town.
One of the roads we took went through a particularly gorgeous area of forest land; and we came across this beautiful waterfall.

And... it's the weekend!
Which means, lots of links to share with you...

*world beard and mustache championships 2014
*7 types of broke
*printable pantry labels (organization!)
*the art of Sarolta Ban
*NASA - wow.
*Life advice from Werner Herzog
*beautiful bookshops
*the Rescued Film Project... and some fabulous film found in Antartica
*this looks yummy --- and it came from this blog
*the best OSCAR dresses since 1929
*how to tell a raven from a crow
*the art of trades
*Thailand's White Temple
*poet Mary Carolyn Davies .... and THIS

which brings me to a couple blog sites I want to share with you...
*A Year of Being Here
*Katie Daisy
*Joanna Concejo
*Alexandra Gjurasic
*Anahata Katkin

I hope you have a great weekend... and I'll see you all back here on Monday.