Wednesday, February 11, 2015


These past few weeks I've been trying to get in a groove of sorts...
Check the mail (physical and email), do some housework, do a blog post, list things for sale (Etsy/Ebay/yard sale page), take photos of things, pack up/mail things, run errands as needed, and work in the studio. I know several folks who work from home; and the issues are always the same... how to stay focused on your work; and let people know that you ARE indeed, working... to minimize distractions. and interruptions. It's a fine line. After all, work from home can be great! and do-able... as long as you are somewhat disciplined and aren't easily swayed away from tasks at hand.

One of the things I absolutely love about working from home, is getting time to spend with my constant companion; Sabrina. 
She is wonderful. And at 16yrs old (at least... she is a rescue so we're not sure)... I know my time with her is probably limited.
I also get to spend more time with my daughter and hubby... In fact, we all sort of work from home.
Jim is writing a book; and substitute teaches at area schools on occasion. 
The daughter is a fabulous artist, and also works at a local restaurant part-time we all struggle at times with time management issues common to the work-from-home set.

So... I just wanted to give a "shout-out" to all my friends and family who work from home.
You are valued. 
What you do is important. 
Keep on ... keeping on... 

(and here is my daughter at work, and one of her recent art pieces)
See you all tomorrow!