Monday, February 16, 2015


It's cold. Probably normal for this area, and this time of year... but last night was super cold (-22degrees here at 2am).
And so, I've started coffee... vacuumed and dusted, cleaned the old ash out the fireplace, swept the floors, put out the last of our bird food... took some photos, and am going to start a fire in the fireplace.
Mondays are my designated day off... but I've already been working on some things for the Etsy shop as well ... and so it goes.

It's all about being flexible.
You plan on doing X, and it doesn't happen because you're busy doing Y and Z...
You start a project ... but can't find an essential piece.
You are busy working... and the phone/ doorbell just won't keep quiet.
It's OK. I think it all works out in the end.

One of the things illness has taught me... is that you work when you can....
when you have the energy and the inclination.
And you rest when you can.... and try not to feel guilty about it.
Sometimes the best thing you can do; is to take care of you.

And sometimes, you work when you have the energy to work... even if it's your day off.
Keep strong! And I'll see you all tomorrow.