Thursday, February 19, 2015


A few years ago (almost to the day), Jim and I went to Tuscon for a mini-vacation.
One of the places we went to, was the Tuscon Studios.
The Old Tuscon Studios was an actual movie studio (now entertainment place) just outside of Tuscon. Lots of movies were filmed there, such as Rio Lobo, Rio Bravo and McLintock (all excellent John Wayne movies). It was also the primary location for the filming of several TV Series; such as Little House on the Prairie, Father Murphy, and High Chaparral.
You can also see more on it HERE

I was thinking about that trip these past few days.... probably because it's been so cold; and I am longing (just a little) for the desert. Or at least, the desert in February. (I still got sunburned on this trip).
So, as the snow is slowly falling outside, I thought I would share a few pictures from that trip.

See you all tomorrow.