Friday, February 20, 2015


Yesterday, I was talking about the Old Tuscon Studios... and so I thought I would continue today with a few more photos.
I've always been a movie buff... and growing up with my dad; who was a BIG John Wayne fan.... visiting the studios felt sort of like going home. I could just imagine, that at any moment, the Duke himself would come sauntering up a pathway, spurs jangling... gun safely holstered... but ready at a moment's notice. How he would tip his hat, just so... and head on up to the saloon.

The other big "draw" for me here, was the train.
I adore trains.
One of my big dreams in life, is to take a train cross country... but alas, I don't think they do that anymore. When I was little, we had a train that went through town here, The C & PA Railroad, and the station was right near my grandmother's house. I used to walk a trestle train across the Allegheny river and come to the backside of my great-Uncle's house... then cut through gardens to my grandmother's. I loved it when the train came into town... and I know it was a "treat" for lots of folks in the area.
The station has been lovingly restored, and is now home to the local Police station.
I still have dreams that they will bring the trains back.

These past few days of not feeling well, I have been resting as much as possible...
and tonight I hope to watch a few good movies.
Maybe we'll even do a western... see you all tomorrow for my weekend post.