Monday, February 23, 2015


Some days... you can't get rid of your monday...

I suppose, in the whole scheme of things... if I was going to go into a lupus flare, the dead of February is probably as good a time as any. After all, at least I get to stay inside and enjoy fires in the fireplace, curl up with some CSI episodes...  drink lots of hot tea.... and not feel bad about missing some of the weather outside. And it's pretty from the windows... and in the case of today... a brief stepping out onto the back patio. I got to watch the sun begin to set... and the gorgeous crescent moon begin to rise..... and all is well out there.

Unfortunately, it means I have't been working in the studio this past couple of weeks...
but I am bringing smaller projects upstairs to work on when I feel up to it.
One of my recent purchases, was a slightly different guitar pick punch.
As you can see in the photo here, it is slightly smaller than the original shape; but I love the curve of the edges... and think they will make some awesome pieces of recycled jewelry.

So.... enjoy your monday... get some rest.... and I'll see you all tomorrow.