Tuesday, February 24, 2015


As I look out my kitchen window... there are snow drifts...
Sparkling in gorgeous, brief rays of sunshine.... clouds moving swiftly overhead...
Balls of yarn gathered in African baskets... tunes playing softly in the background...
French songs being crooned by young waifs in tight sweaters... and tea in my cup.

Winter is a good time to sit back and sort of take stock of things.
What all do I have... what all can I sell.... what all can I make with the things that I have leftover?
Much of what I make, is made with recycled/ upcycled materials... and I love that I can repurpose things into something new and potentially useful.

This week, because I've been sick... I've been crocheting.
After all, it's something relatively mindless I can do; and sort of rest at the same time.
I've been making scarves that are comprised of leftovers.... remnants of other projects...
snippets and bits of old skeins... gifted to me by a friend.
They speak volumes, hopefully, of my aesthetic... and will keep someone warm on chilly days.
(you can see one of them listed here)

Stay warm, my friends... and I'll see you all tomorrow.