Thursday, February 26, 2015


I was reading a posting by a friend on her website; talking about the art of creating.
How, for her, she is "simply in the business of making friends"... how she and her SIL create these soft dolls/ toys out of their imagination...  as a way of sort of bringing their imagination, into reality.

If you are an artist, or know one.... know doubt you've been in on this conversation before.
What constitutes art?
What makes one an artist? How is that different from a crafter? or an artisan?

So many distinctions.... and I think, we all define it differently.
And isn't that the beauty of it? That we can make our own definitions. Make our own rules... or no rules! If that suits you.
I believe being an artist is actually an entire way of life.

The way you dress, the way you make your food, the way you create things... dance, sing.... communicate.
Right down to the atmosphere you create in your own home... and the way you approach life.
It's all an art really.

Perhaps it's time for you to think about living your life more creatively.

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