Tuesday, February 3, 2015


It's hard to measure progress; and it's so very subjective.
What may be success and moving forward to some... is certainly not to others.
So how do you know when you are on the right track?

Lots of trainers/coaches/motivators... and such will tell you that the only way to stay on task
*for anything really* ...is to track your progress and make/set goals... and then review when you make them.

I am really bad at setting goals.
Not the BIG goal of course, but all the "little" goals that lead up to that BIG goal that you are striving for.
It's easy to get discouraged.
To see only the "failures".... to lose sight of what you really want to accomplish.
I know.
I think as artists, we all do the "self talk" that is, shall we say; less than complimentary.
You think you'll never get there.
You think you're just "spinning your wheels"...
You doubt your "worthiness" to even deserve to get there.

And so for today, I am trying to think.
Think about where it is I want go... what it is I want to accomplish...
and some smaller steps on the path to getting there.

Keep focused, my friends.
And I'll see you all tomorrow.