Wednesday, February 4, 2015


It's overcast... and some would say, dreary.
But there is beauty in these days.... if you look.

I was reminded these past few days... that life is like that as well.
Hard times..... they hit us all... and while it's easy to wallow in misery...
these are sometimes the very moments that define us.
That shake us.
That make us.

And so I was perusing around the internet; and made a list; of sorts...
of things to try to remember when times are tough:

*pain is part of life. Some would say, without pain... you can't truly feel joy.
I am reminded of the one scene in the movie Constantine where the (former) archangel is punched straight in the jaw;
and Constantine says... "that's called pain.... get used to it."

*attitude is everything. Having a positive attitude can get you through most anything. Don't delude yourself, but don't feel defeated before you actually are. Don't get in the trap of feeling like everything is hopeless... because it becomes a form of self-fulfilling prophecy.

*you can turn it around. Too many people get caught up in the trap of blaming everyone else for whatever situation they are in.
Own it. Own your part in it. Then change it.
No one else is going to "fix" it for you... there are no fairy godmothers to come and blink it better...
at least, not that I know of... But you can.

*you are not alone. Look around! There are so many going through struggles, so many of a like-mind as you.... so many looking for a word of encouragement. Be that for someone else, and they will be there for you too. Find your peeps. Surround yourself with people who encourage you, not tear you down.

*things take time. We live in a time where we all want instant-gratification.
I blame it on Polaroid. We took a generation that had to wait 3 weeks to get film back in the mail.....
and gave it to them in under a minute.
>>kidding aside<< We see every single day people "succeeding" and it is always touted as an "overnight" sensation....
when in reality... it was probably years in the making.

--- and I will close with the one "big" truth I keep having to relearn... and that is; that others cannot validate you.
Don't hinge your happiness, your sense of self-worth, your value... on the opinions of others.
They are not in your shoes.
They do not live in your head and your heart.
I know it's hard, and I keep falling into this trap, myself. So I'm telling you...
~make your own rules. Define your own sense of self worth.
Know what success means to you... and stick with that.
And remember... if you don't like it.... change it.