Monday, February 9, 2015


There is this stunning tree just outside of town.
It reminds me of the ponderous pine in New Mexico (because of the reddish bark) ... but it is probably a Red pine... which is fairly common here in PA. What makes the tree so striking; at least to me... is the twists and turns in the branches.
It's like the tree grew up in a wind tunnel, with it's branches constantly swirling about.

Life can be like that too.
You have these times when you seem to "catch wind" from all sorts of directions.
Turning you here... pulling you there. Which way do you go?
How do you stay safe and grounded?
How do you stand tall in the face of adversity?

Each of us has our own answer to that.
...the sources we look to for guidance and strength.

Today's post is a simple one.
Stand tall.
Stay grounded.
Know you are strong and can weather any storm.
Keep growing in the direction of your calling... no matter what the world flings in your way,
and keep your eyes toward the sun.