Saturday, February 14, 2015

for the weekend

It is really snowing out there... it's sorta crazy.
But hey,... it's Valentine's Day...
So I hope that you are all warm, and safe... and feeling loved.

I know that a lot of advertising and popular thought puts so much emphasis on "finding your soul mate and such"... after all, there is great business in that. But so many of my friends and loved ones are single... either through choice or circumstance... and even by the death of loved ones. .. so I understand how this can be a rough time for many folks.
Sometimes it's hard to realize, but it's not all about romantic love.
Yes, it's wonderful... (and I am happily married)... but don't discount how very important friendships are. How very important relationships are with older people, with younger people... and with folks that have nothing to do with a sexual or romantic inclination. And don't forget relationships with our four-footed and furry friends either. The unconditional love of a critter friend can mean all the difference in the world... it's love at it's most perfect form.

So this weekend... take some time to indulge in YOU.
Take some time to appreciate the wonderful being that is you... and your friends... and your furry friends too.
We are all deserving of love and appreciation.

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