Saturday, February 28, 2015

for the weekend

It's the weekend!
Which for a lot of folks in America, is a day of rest and enjoyment.
Being self-employed; I have "re-named" my weekend to be Sunday and Monday... when my daughter has her days off from work. It provides me time to spend with her (and the hubby); and to potentially do day trips, etc.
That's one of the beauties of being your own boss.
It also  means though... that if I am behind on things... that day off goes out the window... but such is life.
And so... today; being a "work day" for me... I am working on things.
Making things, taking photos of things, listing things... and so it goes.

With moon coming full in the next week (March 5th)... things are coming to fruition.
It is the full "Worm" moon... signalling the softening of the earth, and the coming back of birds, such as the robin. In some native cultures, it is also referred to as the full CROW moon... with the crow calling the earth back to spring. (I love that visual).
In pagan circles, the full moon is a time for banishing the old, getting rid of that which no longer serves your best interests or has unwanted influences upon you.
It is a time for releasing and letting go.
To this end; I've been going through some of my excess "stuff" and unloading.
Time to make fresh... to make new.... to shed light on your little corner of the world...

Here are some links I've gathered to share with you this weekend:

*new ways to design your home
*how reading is life support
*understanding creatives
*beehive design
*artisan Tierre Taylor. I saw a photo of her by HONY; and had to see what she made.
*Hayao Miyazaki's films... broken down by their color palette. Wow.
*be a clutter buster
*be fearless
*be ageless
*a cool garden idea
*an awesome vintage kitchen
*frozen beauty

... and some blogs from my reading list:
-Danny Mansmith
-Daisy Jars
-Design Squish


The photo for today's blog; is a watercolor painting done by my daughter, Kristin Russell.