Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Spring! It's coming!!!
I stepped out today, and saw this gorgeous sunny glow coming from the breaks in the woods.
Squirrels, Blue Jays, doves, nuthatches... all kinds of critters and feathered ones were singing and munching on the cracked corn in the yard... and it was awesome.

And I've been busy.
I've finished up all the Give-Away packages... and they are out in the mail today.
(I've sent gift packages to 5 random people who read my blog/ comment on my Facebook posts).
The packages each contain a set of handmade envelopes with cards, a sampling of guitar picks (cut from recycled store gift cards), one of my photographs cut into an ACEO card, and a pair of handmade earrings.

And, I've been making some jewelry for the new section in my Etsy shop; Cha-Ching.
Cha-Ching (the sound of happy cash registers and savvy customers everywhere)... features handmade items that are in the $10 and under price range (for the most part). They are easy on the wallet.... but not short on style. These are items that are made from less expensive supplies (or ones I got at a fabulous deal)... or items that are on clearance.
This way, there are items in my shop from $1- $150!
Here are some earrings I listed today:

---- see you all tomorrow.