Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Today I am scheduled to take some portraits... of a friend.
I haven't done portraiture in quite awhile; but there was a time when I photographed babies, couples, weddings and such. Studio photography just isn't one of my more favorite things to do.
I have always tended to have more of a journalistic style.
So... to this end; today's portrait is more along the lines of photo journalism.

The master (in my opinion) of photo journalism was Henri Cartier -Bresson.
His style is definitely a more candid... street style.... which I love.
I also adore Vivian Maier.... and encourage you to look at her work. (and here)

The main difference; at least for me.... with this style and typical portraiture... is context.
What environment is the person in? What do they do? Where do they work?
If the person works in a restaurant; show them in a busy cafe setting.
Or in the kitchen with steam in the air... that sort of thing.

So... some basics?
*shoot close-up; or crop in.
*watch your depth of field (a narrow selective focus is most often, more interesting)
*watch your sharpness. You can have a completely "fuzzy" portrait that looks awesome... but the eyes still have to be razor sharp.
*take lots and lots of photos. It's a digital world; you you don't need to worry so much about the cost of film and extensive printing.... so take lots. Play around... try everything.
** and when all else fails.... don't listen to me... or for that matter, to anyone else. Only YOU can take a shot that is YOUR style.... and with YOUR point of view. Remember, everything you read, everything you've already seen... just provides insight and a muse.

And what do the photos for today's post have to do with the content of today's post?
Nothing. I just thought they were pretty.
--see you all tomorrow.