Thursday, March 12, 2015


I took this photo a couple years ago... and never used it or edited it.
Today, I stumbled upon it in my files, and figured it was about time  >>wink<<

It's melting. The sun has come out; and everything is awash in melting snow.
And... we only have a smaller layer of water in the basement... and fortunately, everything is (for the most part) up on shelving...
so it's much better than last year. And we have a shop vac... and a dehumidifier... so that certainly helps.

Today I am finishing up some small projects/ orders, working on some misc paperwork, doing some emails, etc.
And, I have some product to take photos of... which is always fun.
More of the "business" end of the art business today.
Some days are like that.... and it's good. It's full of adding things up, balancing ledgers, printing receipts.... and coffee... and music... which is always good.

And today I had a visit from some friends... both artists/ artisans... who are in the process of getting back to doing things they love... working for people they love... eating healthy and such...
More folks on the same path as us... and it's wonderful.
We got to talk about gardens, and seeds, and music... food... good friends and family.
All great things!
So dig out your seed catalogs.... make some tea.. stay dry... and I'll see you all tomorrow.