Monday, March 16, 2015


Carrying on our conversation from the weekend ---
talking about goals to set.... places I want to go... things I want to do.
The problem for me... is always that I have too many ideas.
Too many things I want to do.
Too many places I want to go.
Too many projects I want to work on.

How do you narrow it down?
That for me; is the extreme hard part.

Being a list-maker; I usually resort to making lists.
I list what I want to do... and (being a former nurse)... I triage it (so to speak)
... and list it according to the importance I place upon it.
How feasible is it? How much enjoyment will I get out of it?
Do I think it will be well received?
And if not, is it still worth doing?

Like I said in the previous weekend post... sometimes you just have to trust your gut.
It usually works out.

*about the photo for today's post:
This shot is of a statue in a local cemetery. I love religious iconography; and love to play around with images like this. 
This one has sort of a digital collage effect, with several textures woven into it.