Monday, March 2, 2015


Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.
Try something you normally wouldn't...
go somewhere you normally wouldn't...
put yourself ...out there.
The risks can be great... but so can the rewards.

Today, I found out that the design my daughter and I submitted for a logo contest for the PA Route6 Artisan Trail ---WON! 
 ...And it's exciting.

I also got the news that I have been named as a Team Leader for the PA Wilds  Street Team on Etsy,
and an admin on their Facebook page. ...All cool beans :)

And... I saw that 2 of my photos were featured on a promo card for the local Potter County Artisan Center; along with photos by Tim Walck and Curt Weinhold. And although I am no longer a part of the artisan center; it's always fun to see your work in print.

So... keep plugging away you creative types!!
And what's next? The sky's the limit...

see you all tomorrow.