Friday, March 20, 2015


And today I think Mother Nature is laughing her ass off...
Because it's the first day of spring, a solar eclipse, and the supermoon... all at once.
And of course... it's snowing like crazy.... after yesterday's full day of sunny weather.
I am sure the birds are bewildered.

So... what am I up to on this Freaky Friday??!
I think, under the circumstances; I am going to stay at home.
I am going to have a fire in the fireplace... make some coffee...
put on a movie or two (this is what we got from Netflix this week... and this one.... and this one)
and finish up some jewelry orders.
I have 2 custom pendants that I am making; and yesterday I got an order for a custom made rosary...
a pending gift for a friend of a friend for Easter coming up soon.
I also have some papers I need to get organized, filled out, and in the mail...

So... stay warm my friends... and I will see you all tomorrow for my weekend post.