Friday, March 27, 2015


Everyone has different opinions as to what constitutes a treasure...
and that's part of what makes the whole concept so wonderful;
because what is a great treasure to one person may not be to another person; and vice- verse.

I love to gather little treasures.
For me... it is bits and bobs, rocks and bones... twigs, shells and so much more.
I've made lots of jewelry over the years, and much of it feature treasures of one variety or another.
One of the projects I am working on these days involve using local PA found treasures...
and showcasing them in pendants and earrings and such.
Stay tuned!

And in other news... last night I went to the local library.
I mention this; because it is such a treasure and a luxury to have such a wonderful library right here in town.
It is a fabulous resource that (unfortunately) is often under utilized and appreciated by many.
But not this girl! Within minutes, I had a fabulous stack of books that I happily checked out.
So... go grab a book! ... and I'll see you all tomorrow.