Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have a couple "rules" that I try to follow in my work.
One, is that I try to use things in a recycle/upcycle fashion... which is to say,  re-purposing things that would otherwise not be used... and to use things I already have as much as possible; but in new, creative ways.
The other.... is to be as compassionate and giving as possible.
Sometimes, the two go hand-in-hand.

Lately, I've been making scarves from remnants of yarns; most of which were gifted to me by a friend. Inspired by my hubby's LOVE of all things "Dr. Who" ... (he's been a fan since the 70s)... I've made a scarf reminiscent of Tom Baker's scarf when he played the 4th doctor. Obviously, not the same, exact colors... and obviously not 14 feet in length; like the original (mine is 5 feet 8 inches long).

And to the second credo...  This week I am working on putting together 5 packages to 5 random folks who commented on a Facebook post I did a few weeks ago. Each package will contain a few little bits and bobs of things I have made in the past year. Just a little prezzie of sorts.
And I made this necklace .... as a "cheer me up" present for a family member.
She plays MahJong, and this is a vintage game piece I found and drilled into a pendant for her.... embellished with complimentary beads, and on a simple chain.

And... this "Lady Who" scarf is going to be making it's way to an unsuspecting friend.