Friday, March 6, 2015


Happy Friday!
Happy full moon (read more here)!
Happy (almost) weekend!

Yesterday I was talking about ways to get inspired... or as I put it... surviving when things are dumped on your kitchen table >>grin<<
But, it really can be an inspiration to go through things you already have.
Look for specific color combos... like... multiples of yellow or some such.
Or look for opposite color combos on the color wheel.... like blue and yellow.
Or... think of something in nature that has that particular combination (like a bird?) and go with it.
Then the mind wanders to ... feathers... wings... flight... soaring... sunshine.... you get the idea.

Inspiration is everywhere if you take a minute to look.
Sometimes it's just the simple act of slowing down... concentrating on your breathing... or the music on the radio.... or the wind in the trees... or coloring! (read more here).... but it will come.

Today, I am posting some links that I think are inspiring (all on jewelry making)... and you may too:
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--and of course, the fabulous Nina Bagley
... and Deryn Mentock