Saturday, March 7, 2015

for the weekend

A sure sign of spring coming (at least for me)... we've had a scurry of very brave squirrels frolicking about the yard today....
and it's been entertaining, to say the least. ... as they come down the hill at "warp speed" and tend to wipe out on the ice that is on top of all the snow. I'm sure there's a nut joke in there somewhere.

This weekend promises to be one of rest, relaxation... and maybe some art/ craft making.
But before I go... And, because it's the weekend...
I've got some interesting links to share with you all:

*most awesome thing ever
*you think it's cold here
*live like a movie star
*how to learn about racial identity from these girls
*playing in the dirt!
*ah, language. Look here, here ... and here
*and yes, redheads are better (wink)
*what a great post
*International Women's Day is March 8th.
*the next trend?
*this looks interesting
*gifts from crows

and just because... Did you know that there are "good news" websites?
Look here, here.... and here.