Saturday, March 14, 2015

for the weekend

Creativity is a way of life.
If we are true creatives, that spark... that joy and sense of expression leaks out into everything we do.
From making dinner, to what we wear.... to how we live.

And, as confident in our art (or maybe not)... we seldom trust our own instincts.
We don't trust our own opinions.
We are constantly looking for a guru, a teacher.... someone to show us the path in which we need to go. And the lesson most of us take away (once we really think about it)... is that there probably isn't any one person ... but an amalgamation of events... conversations... trials and errors.... that truly lead us. And tons of books, movies... friends... art.... and who knows what else... that inspires us... shapes us... and influences us.

March is a time of great change.
Weather is in great flux... animals are in waking up (and getting busy) mode...
Traditionally; it is a time of spring cleaning.... clearing out...
planting seed... and more.

So this weekend; I am thinking on ... things I want to do this year.
Goals to set... places I want to go... things I want to make... and more.
Once you know where you want to go... it's easier to make a map.


And, because it's the weekend -- I have some interesting links to share with you all:
*a great motivational video
*authentic Irish pubs in America
*a look at this OCD artist
*Historic PA --- Grey Towers in Milford, PA. Home of Gifford Pinchot
*sunken city! This is awesome.
*these seniors answer an age-old question
*life living off the grid. Here... and here.
*making peace with some wild neighbors
*some iconic Jack Keroac quotes
*beets! I had some this week, and a friend sent me this link.
*migrating tundra swans. This was another link a friend sent me.... so pretty.
*Casey Legler -- an awesome woman, with a great story.... and more.
*when the book is so much more than the cover.
*new twist on an old piece.

and.... is this your dream? ... write an essay... you could win it!

Have a great weekend; and I'll see you all back here on Monday.