Wednesday, April 1, 2015


And it's a whole new day... and a  whole new month.
~Welcome April~

Yesterday's abrupt snowstorm is already starting to melt a little...
and it's giving all my partially dead trees a bit of shimmer and shine.
The songbirds are all out in force... and are serenading me.
And today... (bright and early)... we had a new dryer delivered; 
as our old one was beyond fixing.
I dreaded the expense..... but some things warrant it.

And today... I've lots of things on my "to-do" list.
But first... coffee.
Last year at this time; I was really busy helping to get the local artisan center up and running.... and ready for the Grande Opening. 
This year... I am helping a friend get his own business ready for a grand re-opening.... 
and just 2yrs ago... we were still in Albuquerque with no thoughts of moving or of what was to come.
And who knows what next year will be like.
How quickly things change... how quickly things pass.

But for now... we have birds singing...
snow melting...
and coffee brewing.

See you all tomorrow.