Friday, April 10, 2015


Ever have one of those days when you know you are working... but can't seem to get anything done?
When you have to force yourself out of bed?
When the world seems to be turning round at a frantic pace... and you're still stuck in the bathroom?

That is my week. (or month, as it were).

Days when everything seems to be a struggle... I feel behind on so very many different tasks...
overwhelmed by what I need to get done... and no energy to do any of it.
And I feel as though I have let everyone down.

but hey... I am trying to get out of this funk.
So... all the doors and windows are open... I've made some (more) coffee...
and I am going to work very hard at getting something accomplished tonight.

Last night; I noticed I was sorely lacking in guitar picks for the shop...
So I cut abut 250 of them... and got about half of them sanded.
And while my hand is bruised, it is a start.

See you all tomorrow.