Monday, April 13, 2015


This week I am concentrating on getting some projects finished up... and getting inventory ready for a friend's shop. They are having a "Grand Re-Opening" event this coming Saturday... and I've been invited to participate.
I am teaching a little workshop... and will have some of my work there, as will my daughter Kristin.
It's been sort of frantic. I'm afraid that I've been having a hard time emotionally coping with anxiety...
Probably because I haven't been "up to par" to begin with... and partly because of events I had no control over... which turned things all topsy-turvy -- and even more so these past few days. It's been strange, and awful, and scary... and sad... and I am trying really hard to believe it will all work out OK.
Some days are like that.

And so I've been trying to step back emotionally from it... and trying to focus on what needs done.
One of the things I've been working on, is adding plain white cards (like a postcard) to go with most all of my larger size envelope sets in the Etsy shop. This means, that the sets will now include 6 envelopes.... all made from recycled magazine pages or calendar pages... AND 6 plain white, light-weight cardstock paper cards to go with them... for $5 a set. And then, repackaging them... and photographing them... and making new listings.

And well... the sun is shining.... and the birds are singing... and things are blooming!
See you all tomorrow.