Thursday, April 23, 2015


And yesterday... it snowed.
Off and on all day.. .and into the dark of the night... big, fluffy flakes came softly down.
It's as if Mother Earth is gently enforcing the idea... that in spite of our best efforts, we are not in charge.
It appears to be a time of rest, of re-grouping... of thinking about what you value the most... and following through.

It's been an odd couple of weeks... and very hard in many ways.
Lots of hardship and struggle within the family... and personal struggles with finances and fatigue... but there has been good too.
The past few days we've been enjoying kombucha tea... and quick pickled goods...things my daughter worked on over the weekend.

Today, we are off on a little day trip to a PA Wilds Event where we hope to kibitz with some of the other PA Wilds Artisans.
See you all tomorrow.