Friday, April 24, 2015


Last night was the PA Wilds Annual Dinner and  Awards Banquet.
I have never been, and it was a real treat.
It was hosted by the stunning Red Fern in Kersey, PA

"A small group of business owners, citizens and organizations from across the 12.5-county Pennsylvania Wilds region have earned awards for their contributions in sustainable tourism development and will be honored at an awards dinner and regional tourism briefing April 23. Americans spend more than $640 billion a year on outdoor gear and trips and travel to get outdoors, and communities in the Pennsylvania Wilds are in great position to grow this industry given the region’s natural landscape and entrepreneurial background. For the last decade, dozens of local, state and federal partners from the public and private sectors have worked together to do just that in order to create jobs, diversify local economies, improve quality of life and inspire stewardship in the Pennsylvania Wilds. Each year, the PA Wilds Team, a guiding partnership in this effort, gives out a small number of “Champion of the Pennsylvania Wilds” awards to recognize outstanding efforts by local partners in this work.  Keynote speaker was Michael DiBerardinas, former Pennsylvania Secretary for DCNR." 

Kristin and I went; and as we were both new artisan on the PA Wilds Artisan Trail we had the opportunity even able to display a portion of our work... which seemed well received.
We had an awesome time, and look forward to many more years of participation in the PA Wilds.