Monday, April 27, 2015


So.... we are sort of in an in-between time here on the hill.
Not really winter... and certainly not sprouting much green yet.
I've seen other folks with all kinds of glorious spring flower photos.... but we're a bit behind up here.
Which is OK with me.
It gives me a little extra time to think about plans for the gardens, what we hope to do this year... what can potentially be accomplished.
And at the same time... reflect on what we did do... what we did accomplish... and rest a bit.
You can't have new without the passing of the old.

Yesterday was spent out at my friend's place; Firestone Forge.
We had a great time (along with many others) ... enjoying the sunshine, fresh air... and spent the afternoon drilling and priming logs, and inoculating them (and lightly sealing them) with shiitake spores. This fall; we hope to have a small harvest of some gorgeous mushrooms... isn't that cool?
see more on it here

This afternoon, I will be editing photos from the event... and I will put them on my Facebook page.
So if you happen to stroll by, take a look.
See you all tomorrow...