Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Botany lesson for the day >>wink<<
When I was out at Firestone Forge over the weekend; I had the grand opportunity to walk around with Chris Firestone -- who is a botanist.
I have always loved biology and plants... and in another life.... would probably have leaned more that way than into the medical field.  Anyway, I digress.
As we strolled around, I noticed (couldn't help but ... they were everywhere)... 
Apparently, they are called Scilla sibirica (or Siberian squill).
Some view it as an invasive plant... and this post talks about that.
According to most sources online; it is very easy to grow... and quite hardy.
Here is another post that talks about using it in flower beds.

I think that THIS is the best post I've seen on it; and it describes the plant as being potentially linked to the Greek Goddess Scyllla
a great beauty who was turned into a horrible sea monster.
Superstitious folk regarded it as a "flower of the witches"... 
and therefor, would bring extreme bad luck to any who stepped on it.
Wow. That's cool.... but as you can see in the last photo...
Hunter (the cat) knows know fear of such things   >>wink<<

See you all tomorrow.