Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's raining.... and things are thawing up here on the hill.
Little snowdrops are peaking out of the grasses next door... and they are lovely.
And things are quiet.

This next week or so seems to be "the calm before the storm"... as I have several events I am preparing for that are coming up later on this month. And it's good... but it's also a little nerve wracking. Thinking about what needs done; where my priorities lie... and what I can potentially do in time. And I've been in a funk... which tends to happen this time of year. It's that whole "what have I accomplished" and "what purpose am I serving"... thing... days you just feel unworthy to breathe the air. And so I've been trying to concentrate on other things... doing things for other people.... and catching up on some projects.

And then there are the deer.
All winter, I could see footprints in the snow; but was never able to get a glimpse of them.
The past few nights; they've been coming around... 2 larger females... and they are gorgeous.
In native traditions, deer (particularly the females) symbolize gentleness and wisdom.
They teach us to be vigilant... and steadfast... and to move through life's obstacles with grace.
They are about trusting your instincts, being sensitive and intuitive.
Their teachings are all about grace and unconditional love... even to oneself.
And so this week; I am trying to take these lessons to heart.

....much love to you all... see you tomorrow.