Saturday, April 4, 2015

for the weekend

I am so very proud of my daughter, who along with a couple friends of mine... were just juried in as members of the PA Wilds. She received notification yesterday, and today was featured on their facebook page as the Daily Artisan! We are very excited over here.
((that's some of her recent artwork... above))

And hey... it's the weekend!
So here are some links I've gathered for you this week:

*52 great travel destinations
*Catalyst magazine! What a wonderful idea.
*horoscope for tonight full Blood Moon 
*Forest bathing
*some awesome Pennsylvania museums to see
*more PA places to see!
*this would be a great road trip idea too
*Picasso's postcards
*a handy chart for your kitchen
*remember this song? .... well.... the band is still going strong!
*this is super cute
*can you imagine living here?
*something cool for Easter

*** and links to some blogs on my reading list
-Hens Teeth
-Homemade Spaceship
-Honey & Jam

(that is from Taste of Home magazine. I thought it was super cute; and wanted to share it with you)

~Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll see you all back here on Monday~