Saturday, April 18, 2015

for the weekend

The coltsfoot is blooming... and it is lovely.
I've written about this fabulous "weed" before; but I thought that we could all use some of that sunshine yellow color in our day. These photos are ones I took yesterday afternoon... as I have some blooming in my yard.
You can read more about this plant HERE ......and HERE.

This weekend will probably be very busy... and so I wanted to get this post out a little early.
And hey! It's the weekend!!! So here are a bunch of links to things that might be of interest:

*17 surprisingly real animals
*artist Lora Zombie
*an incredible dessert to make
*want to live RENT FREE in a Ghost town?
*a very cool DIY project I may just try
*stationary porn
*music: the Stumblebum Brass Band! ... and they are coming here soon :)
*Tintype camera shots of modern stars
*I love this.... so much photographic potential.
*the world's largest flute
*this looks like an interesting read

And some of the blogs on my reading list
-Hint Jewelry
-Adore by Nat
-Alice Fox
-Arctic View

I hope you all have a great weekend; and I'll see you all on Monday.