Saturday, April 25, 2015

for the weekend

What an interesting week...
Temps in the 70's ... then snowing for a day or two.
Going from the Grand ReOpening at my friend's place.... to the annual PA Wilds Dinner and Awards Banquet the other night.
And desperately worrying about our financial situation... to finding out Jim was hired for a fantastic job yesterday.
It's amazing how things change from day to day.....

Tonight I am going to the Opening Reception of an art show; a friend of a friend.... and a fellow photographer.
But first... here are some links for your weekend perusal:

*some cool art I came across
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*awesome NASA stuff
*life lessons
*this is interesting
*travel ideas ... and ones here in PA
*science is cool
*cute bats
*be a rebel... take out one of these books
*here's some interesting advise
*everything is awesome!
*why it's illegal to have milk crates, and where to buy them
*Mother's Day gift ideas

---and some blogs on my reading list:
Why Not Coline
Manuela Thames
Dinae Lawad

I hope you have an awesome weekend... and I'll see you all back here on Monday.