Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Cool and green and shady...
The photo above; is one I took the other day when we drove to State College.
One of the roads we take to get there, winds and twists through and around state land... and we stopped at a particularly gorgeous spot with a small waterfall and creek area... and I took this photo.
Being a lover of ferns and such.... it hits all my happy points.

Today I am planting some leeks in the yard; or I guess I should say.... replanting.
A small task... but one that requires more "spoons" than I have today.
So it will be a quick planting... and a large hoping... that they will be ok...
which I think they will; as the ones from last year are doing well in their new spot.

It's an odd thing having a thing like lupus; because you can never really plan things well.
It's more of a ... see how much energy I have today... and what I can potentially do in that amount of time.... sort of thing.
You have to "choose wisely"... what you spend your time doing; as it may be the only thing you can get done.
And so it goes.
It has taught me though... the importance of prioritizing.

And so.... the house is mostly clean... and the laundry is mostly done...
and yesterday I took care of Brina.... gave her a bath and haircut and such.
Lots of days... it's a matter of tackling one main project... or a grouping of little projects... in order to have enough energy to get something accomplished.

And for today; I am planting leeks..... and making tacos for a late lunch/dinner.
(the shredded pork and refried beans are on the stove; and didn't get in the photo below)
... and hopefully, something fun in the studio later if I can muster it up.

Catch you all tomorrow!