Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) is Pennsylvania's state flower, and it is a glorious site in late spring and summer here. Not knowing much about the plant; I did a little bit of research (here and here)... and discovered that it is a native American plant and is widely without predator; being poisonous to deer, cattle, horses, etc (including humans)... and so it has been "free" to take over so to speak. It is a member of the heath family... and is related to rhododendron plants.
It is a lovely plant for sure...

I took the photos (for today's post) of these plants about a week ago... and am just getting to the editing of them.
My hands have not been horribly co-operative this whole week... in allowing me to do most anything with them... which happens.
I am not complaining. Sometimes "the powers that be" put obstacles in our way; such as this.... and we just need to take the time to rest; whether we want to or not. And so it goes.

See you all tomorrow...

*I've corrected the text of this original post; after a botanist friend corrected me on a few points.