Monday, May 18, 2015


Sometimes you have to take a step back and breathe...
and really look.

My camera is dying.
I have taken photos ever since my dad put a Kodak/Brownie Hawkeye in my hands at the age of 6.
And I've taken (almost) daily photos as part of a personal challenge; since 2009.
But... these past couple of weeks has put a kink in that; as things are slowly but surely going bezerk on my camera.
The tragic part in all this... is that it is the only camera I have at the moment.(I have one digital SLR camera, and one lens)
I have a couple antique/ collectible cameras... but they require special film... and most don't work anyway...they just look great on a shelf. Plus, there is the whole issue of finding a place that develops film...

The daughter and I watched a movie last night; on the life and work of Sally Mann.
It was awesome. For me; it drove home the idea of just do it. 
Don't wait for acceptance; don't wait for brilliance... just do the work.
(sounds like a good friend of mine). (here is an interview she did).
I love her work... and I love her work ethic.
She was always working on her art (and still is actively working).... which I certainly understand.

So. Time to do some research.
Time to save my pennies.
Time to make some coffee...

See you all tomorrow.

(The photos for today's post were taken last week on a random drive on some back roads here.
We came across this stunningly gorgeous old general store? or so it appears to have been.
I wanted to do it in black and white... and so I have.)