Friday, May 8, 2015


Wild Ramps/ Leeks/Allium Tricoccum are a HUGE local delicacy here.
And no wonder. They grow with wild abandon on most hillsides (if you know where to look >>wink<<).
Both last year, and this year... I was gifted with a small shopping bag size bundle of these onion-like goodies.
And like last year, I have divided my haul essentially in half.

I will clean one half and freeze them for use in soups, dinners, dips and more...
and will replant the other half here near the creek on our small bit of land;
in the hopes that in a few years... I will have my own stash of these delicious little buggers.

Here are some awesome links on this wondrous plant:
-grubStreet (really cool)
-The Forager Press
-and Wild Edible

Carry on... and I'll see you back here tomorrow for my weekend post.