Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I suppose one of the good things about being sick... is that you get to notice and appreciate things right in your yard... right in your house... in easy view. It encourages you to see things you wouldn't normally (potentially) notice... and that is always a good thing.

This whole past month has been spent trying to rest, trying to get better... and dealing with chronic pain and health issues that I am sure lots of people can relate to. Unfortunately, it also has the effect (at least for me) of feeling left out, left behind, and out of touch. It sometimes seems as if the world is working at one (faster) pace... and getting alot done and accomplished and appreciated.... while I am left in the dust. I don't want to be identified by my illness, and yet.... some days it is what it is. It's frustrating... I would like to be able to do much more than I have been... and yet some days... the totality of what I have done is limited to keeping up with the dishes, or making my bed.
And yes, I am deeply aware that I am not the only one who feels this way... so I say to you all... it will get better.
Relish the small things. Take hold of what is getting done.
Think about what you want to do when you feel a bit better.
Give yourself some slack...
and I'll see you all back here tomorrow.