Monday, June 22, 2015


I love food (this should be no surprise)... and I am all for buying local and fresh whenever you can.
As a result, I am a HUGE fan of the local Potter County Farmer's Market... and all those who strive to produce farm-fresh veggies, fruits and more.

So let me first say, I am not a chef.  I am not even a great cook... but I am ok... and I am enthusiastic... so perhaps that is good enough. Today (and on Mondays from now on... at least for now), I thought I would feature photos of fresh local produce and such that I have found, combined with other local store bought items as needed... to make a meal that I am hoping you will all enjoy.

This first photo (at the top of this post), shows my first trip to the farm market this season, and what I was able to get.  From that trip... I was able to make a fabulous rhubarb sauce, and various other accents to meals. But... I will move on to last week... because I actually have more photo documentation.

Last week, I was able to get more potatoes, as well as some garlic scapes and fresh spinach from the Farm Market. At various local shops, I was able to find fresh brussel sprouts, canned organic beans, flour tortillas, and black poppy seeds.

First, I lightly cooked some of the (cleaned and cut) garlic scapes in some olive oil.
To this, add slices of the potatoes and brussel sprouts. Cook for a few (10-15) minutes.
The potatoes I got are Papa Cacho Peruvian fingerlings from Wooleylot Farms, and I was told they benefit from a little preliminary cooking.
Then add the beans (rinsed well) to cook for a few minutes...
and at the last  minute or so, add the spinach.... this way, it is just wilted and tender.
I also added some spices (salt, pepper, the black sesame seeds, a little cumin, and some fresh basil and chives from my herb pots.)

This meal cost about $10, and I didn't use all the potatoes, spinach, tortillas or garlic that I had bought. It fed 3 hungry adults with a bit left over. As my daughter pointed out, the black sesame seeds didn't make an appetizing looking photo... but they were delish.

This meal was entirely vegan.

Vegetarian Options: add shredded cheese! or a nice sunny side egg on top. YUM.
Meat Options: this would be tasty with some skinless roasted chicken, or even a pork chop.
*the only potential additives/ preservatives; were in the tortillas. If you are concerned, you can easily make your own tortillas with Quaker Harina Flour. I was just being lazy here, and bought some instead.

Prep Time was about 5 minutes (cleaning and cutting the veggies)
Cook time was about 30 minutes total.

--tomorrow I will be doing another "foodie" post... which will get us caught up with my weekly Farmer's Market visits for the season.
See you all tomorrow!